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When a property is marketed with the traditional fixed price, sellers always ask about 10% above the market price. This may be due to a sellers' fear of underselling, an over-inflated view of what their home is worth, or to give the seller a buffer to allow for any negotiation.

Yet most buyers initially look at a price bracket 10 - 15% lower than what they will ultimately pay. This is because when they find their dream home-even if it is above what they intended to spend originally-they will often buy it.

Thus a seller and a buyer miss each other due to false perceptions of price. The traditional estate agents fixed price system works to the benefit of neither seller nor buyer. Sellers' homes stay on the market far too long and sell for much less than anticipated. Buyers miss out on seeing those properties and finding their dream home.

To solve the problem, we have introduced as an option for vendors and strongly recommended by ourselves, a new system called 'Buyer Price Range'.

How the Buyer Price Range Works:

  • For the Seller
    • Instead of setting a fixed price which eliminates at least two-thirds of potential buyers, a range is created to attract buyers looking around that price range. In other words, if a buyer is looking for a property that falls somewhere in the range, they will be inclined to take a look at your property, and maybe negotiate for it successfully. Thus you attract buyers who with a fixed price would have written-off your property as too expensive.
  • For the Buyer
    • The seller will invite all buyers looking in the appropriate range to view the property. Once you choose your dream home, simply place an offer that you believe is the right value compared with other homes you have seen. Be prepared to negotiate. We suggest the middle of the range as a good place to start. Submit your offer and our agent will do his or her best to negotiate a deal agreeable to both you and the seller.
    • In the past it was only the seller's and agent's opinions that mattered. Now it's your turn. You have a simple way of negotiating for your dream home which previously you would have missed.
    • The seller will consider all offers made within the range, and especially the ones above value.

How Your Offer Will Be Handled

We work with integrity for buyers and vendors equally. Our promise to you is that we will never reveal your offer to another buyer and give them an unfair advantage over you. We simply ask you to offer what you are prepared to pay to secure the property.

Please give our friendly staff a call on 020 8977 6886 or use our contact page to get in touch.

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